The Glitzy Forest 

  About two months ago my friends and I were doing our usual thing, just hanging out, when we decided to embark on our usual adventure, taking the trucks for a drive. We always enjoy going on short rides and enjoying new scenery but this one specifically left a beautiful mark on me. We decided that even though it was December it was still nearly 70 degrees and we would go ride some trails near the lake. This was the best idea I believe we could’ve came up with that night. 

The time we got out to the trails it was already night time, but there was an full moon glistening high in the sky almost as bright as daylight. At first we drove down through the bumpy, mystifying woods to get down to the water. The woods seemed so endless while driving through them. I couldn’t stop admiring the moon’s light peeking through the the treetops. I think I was born a nature freak. I find such small, simple things outdoors to be incredibly amazing and beautiful. Maybe I was the only one sooo impressed with the view, but it was absolutely breathtaking when we reached our destination. 

The lake was as far as you could see straight ahead, full of the moon’s reflection shimmering with the movement of the water. All edges of the lake outlined with the woods we had just ventured. It’s so amazing to me to see both sides of the woods. From the outside view they seem so simple, but once you enter to explore you begin to understand the complexity and beauty that they hold within.